A Pelican Finds His Freedom — Again (LSP #205)

Recently, a Great White Pelican in Ireland found his freedom — again (archive). I loved this story. Who couldn’t empathize with him? Indeed, his attempts to gain freedom seem to have stirred something in his captors, who don’t seem to be in a huge rush to recapture him. Today, Lord Snow Presides over all of us large birds who would rather fly free than stay captured.

The Asteroid Impact the Bible’s Writers Missed (LSP #203)

Granted, a worldwide slate-wiper genocide like the Great Flood, which we discussed just last week, would have caused even more devastation than the Chicxulub asteroid impact. I mean, that asteroid just wiped out most of all life on Earth — 75% of all plant and animal species, including every four-legged animal that weighed more than about 25 kilograms (55 pounds). That’s kinda small potatoes compared to what would have happened if some petulant man-child of a god had actually suddenly submerged the whole planet in many oceans’ worth of water for a while.