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    Hello yall!

    Still, it is important that this is here because as we all know, platforms can vanish suddenly.
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    I Was A Christian Kid Bingo Card

    Whoa, I couldn't win anything with my card, because so much of it is time-and-place specific, but also, being surrounded by people, and government officials, who are all living in distorted ways that could never be looked at directly, like a sun in eclipse. We made macaroni pictures in VBS...
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    Going From Wiccan To 3rd Generation Athiest

    It's funny, I never believed in magic, except in a Jungian synchronicity kind of way. I got out of Christianity and into Wiccan without any of its magic promises: I want to love something spiritual that would love me back, and Wiccan freed my head in a lot of ways. Prepared me for the Tao...
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    Going From Wiccan To 3rd Generation Athiest

    Yes, it does matter. It means you have to craft your own ambitions and goals, build a unique structure for methods and means of support. It might be better to become inner-directed. Though resources are still important, you don't have to adapt to the values of any one culture. If you think it's...
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    One of the most controlling and insane aunts you've ever heard of.

    I'm glad for the happy ending for Emily and her stepdad. This family sounds lovely, with one bad seed. I know so many similar families. I think it can be seen as a form of birth defect, in which the person cannot get out of their narcissistic stage, even though they were raised by the same...
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    One of the most controlling and insane aunts you've ever heard of.

    I think we are moving to dual modes according to need and preference. I was recording my cat posts but then I had to fight something off and then came two straight weeks of errands & stress. But I liked the idea and hope to resume it.
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    Processing grief

    Wonderful article. Thank you!
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    Religion conspiracy theory overlap

    This is ringing so true to me! I've often thought a lot of the most toxic Christians simply switched their Godhead and belief system when Trump came along.
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    AG here

    Is it a sign?🤣🤣🤣
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    What a nice place! I like a Danish feel 😊

    Been exploring, post Hygge fad, to discover my love of Scandinavian design was hot and I missed it. Again. Hello all.