About the Titles

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It has been a tradition in Roll to Disbelieve blog posts that the first six commenters (originally just the first three) get titles, which originated in jokes, and are now mostly referred to elliptically.

Here is the explanation about the titles.

1st, Artor - a long time ago, Artor had a long run of making the first comment. Then one day he missed, and we joked that whoever made the first comment was really Artor.

2nd, Avocado - in honor of Lambchopsuey, who has an avocado farm. This cartoon also applies: https://www.oglaf.com/incubus/

3rd, Princess Leia, in honor of Carrie Fisher

4th, Contender - because they coulda been 1, 2, or 3. Formerly First Loser before the current title.

5th, a Fifth - just because

6th, Second Cousin of the Beast - 666 is the number of the beast, 66 is his cousin.

The titles are usually rewarded with images that correspond to the titles. Here is the explanation of the image rewards for each title:

1st, hammers and maces – well, Artor is close to Thor phonetically and on top of that hammers are (were?) a tool of the trade for him. As for maces, it’s Azel's idea and he justified that on grounds of maces being 360° hammers.

2nd, avocadoes, avocado trees, and avocado-based recipes – self-explanatory.

3rd, Leia, Fischer, and crowns – the first two are self-explanatory, the last is because she’s a princess.

4th, sportsmen – they tend to be contenders. It’s usually pictures of close-but-losing ones (that whole could-have-been thing) but not always.

5th, alcohol – it was noticed that fifth the ordinal and fifth the alcohol measure were really close so here you go.

6th, cats and goats – their associations with witches and demons in hopefully bygone times.
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