Greetings from Down Under


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Mar 3, 2022
Officially quit religion nearly six years ago, and would I think have been on R2D in some form for 4 or 5 years. Great community, interested to see what comes of this particular forum form of community. And I think I got every title at least once on Patheos, so that was something ;).

Of course, there are no simple like for like swaps, but religion took up a lot of my time, and if I were to look for what replaced that time it's pretty clear online places (including this one) replaced the "community" part, blogging and critical comments on a bunch of places including R2D replaced lay preaching, and hiking and just generally trying new things became the new time sink-hole, particularly on weekends (yes, I got my Sundays back - and with youth groups etc. there were a lot of religious things on Saturdays too :) ).

I try to blog at least once a month, and the blog covers a variety of topics, some of which have more overlap with this community than others. Though religion in particular doesn't feature as much as it once did, and feels more irrelevant to life generally even though the majority of my family are still "in".