Religion conspiracy theory overlap

A large study published in the journal Political Psychology suggests that the link between conspiracy belief and religiosity is rooted in cognitive similarities between the two beliefs. The overall findings suggest that people with higher conspiracy belief also tend to be more religious, and this is likely driven by overlapping ideological and political worldviews.

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Mar 2, 2022
Not suprising at all. My dad and other relatives are still so much into the conspiracy theory shit and I used to as well quite a few years ago now, and when I became an atheist and started to be far more skeptical in general as a result, I also became less vulnerable to this kind of thing. Though, to be fair, on the one hand, I was more skeptical of conspiracy theories a lot sooner than I was of my religion and other the other hand, because conspiracies can be true and I don't believe in any real evidence for a God anymore, I am still a little more open to conspiracy theories than I am to religion at the moment. Because there could be some truth to some things on occasion. I mean, like Watergate was real, for instance.