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Feb 21, 2022
Roll to Disbelieve forum now opens donation!

Your support for the improvement and management of the forum is gratefully welcome.

If you like the community, the forum, and the works being put into the site and would like to support, you may do so by donating to the forum. You can donate by:

  • Clicking "donate" in the header or the "donate" button on the right sidebar in the forums list/home page on desktop.
  • Clicking the hamburger menu in the header, scroll down, and click "donate" on mobile.

Enter the amount you want to donate, leave a comment or donate as a guest if you want, then click "donate".

Payment is currently via PayPal.

You can read for more information about the donation in the donation's description.

Thank you for being a part of Roll to Disbelieve, and for your continuous support.
Not open for further replies.