Disqus claiming comments on latest post are closed 2019-04-01 10:15 Eastern Time (US)

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  1. NOT an April Fool's prank on my part.
  2. judyt54

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    Is that personal, or general, as to comments on latest post...? Something we said, maybe?
  3. Captain Cassidy

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    No, never. Just for the record, I don't close comments or throw anything into pre-moderation. Every time this happens, it's going to be Disqus acting up. We really have no idea why it just does that sometimes :( But thankfully, any of the mods can fix it if we spot it happening.

    I've closed comments in exactly one post in this blog's entire history, and it was specifically stated in the post itself. I'd written a subsection about people's rights as consumers, and I got asked by multiple commenters to put it as a stand-alone so they could forward it on social media. Because it was literally just a reprint of another post, I closed comments there and asked people to comment on the "real" post if they wanted to discuss the list. I've never reprinted material before, so it seemed appropriate (also commenters suggested it too I think).
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