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Discussion in 'Site News and Updates' started by Lucy, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Lucy

    Lucy New Member

    Hey, I noticed just today that while I appear to be logged in to Disqus on the Disqus site, for some reason Disqus mysteriously logs me out and it never registers me as logged in on Patheos. I've tried to log in on two different browsers on two computers, plus one on my phone, so I know the problem isn't on my end. And Disqus won't even let me contact them in the comments. Can any of you contact Disqus for me to see what the problem is? Please? Because otherwise it's like I've been banned, only Cas didn't do the banning. Disqus effectively did.
  2. Lady Alexandra

    Lady Alexandra Active Member

    Disqus has taken a dump again for me as well.
  3. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    Good ol' Dicksus.
  4. judyt54

    judyt54 Active Member

    I've been noticing too that if I click "reply" there's a fifty-fifty chance I'll be dumped, whizzed to the top of the page, or to the bottom. Until now, I thought it was my and my bad aim. Sometimes it's just a relief to know the other guy actually DID screw up.

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