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Discussion in 'Site News and Updates' started by Lucy, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Lucy

    Lucy New Member

    Hey, I noticed just today that while I appear to be logged in to Disqus on the Disqus site, for some reason Disqus mysteriously logs me out and it never registers me as logged in on Patheos. I've tried to log in on two different browsers on two computers, plus one on my phone, so I know the problem isn't on my end. And Disqus won't even let me contact them in the comments. Can any of you contact Disqus for me to see what the problem is? Please? Because otherwise it's like I've been banned, only Cas didn't do the banning. Disqus effectively did.
  2. Lady Alexandra

    Lady Alexandra Active Member

    Disqus has taken a dump again for me as well.
  3. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    Good ol' Dicksus.
  4. judyt54

    judyt54 Active Member

    I've been noticing too that if I click "reply" there's a fifty-fifty chance I'll be dumped, whizzed to the top of the page, or to the bottom. Until now, I thought it was my and my bad aim. Sometimes it's just a relief to know the other guy actually DID screw up.
  5. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

  6. judyt54

    judyt54 Active Member

    [​IMG]I see the image in email but not here. except, er, here. Maybe they want to be sure we're paying attention...
  7. Right now on Disqus, whenever I scroll, highlight something, or click to expand a thread, the screen refreshes multiple times, jaggedly, and it's disconcerting.

    Anybody else seeing that?

    Using Chrome with Adblock Plus and Ghostery.

    Edit: It isn't happening on other sites.
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  8. And NOW Disqus is saying comments are closed on the current post (07/09/2019)
  9. I'm AG

    I'm AG Active Member

    I haven't been here for a while, but I came to find out what's up with that.
  10. judyt54

    judyt54 Active Member

    Damn they'll do anything to get your attention, won't they, AG.

    you don't suppose there were just too many comments and we blew the place out of the water? Us? Nahhh. Or else someone used a Bad Word
    and got caught.
  11. Clancy

    Clancy I'm never sarcastic.

    When we get too many comments, Disqus becomes unreliable, usually by omitting many comments on a refresh. As the RtD comment numbers rose, we started having trouble because the Saturday posts were accumulating 900-1100 comments. That's why Cas started the LSP posts.
    The locking or pre-moderating of the combox seems to be unrelated to the number of comments. It can easily be undone by a moderator, but we have to realize it's happened.
  12. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    Disqus is a bloody dumpster fire.
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  13. Newest Disqus weirdness for me: older posts FLICKER madly, confirmed by switching the sort order to 'oldest first', at which point the flicker occurs at the top of the list. Eventually, sections are pure white space, although if I click and drag over a whitespace section, then paste it into a text editor, it's perfectly readable.

    ETA: It's not a Disqus thing, it's a Patheos thing. When I go straight to Disqus via wannabe's link (thanks, wannabe!), there's no flicker at all.

    I think that Patheos doesn't like Opera's built-in ad blocker, maybe?
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  14. WMDKitty

    WMDKitty Favored of Khenarthi

    I've been having the same issue for a while -- turning off my adblocker and privacy badger doesn't fix it. (I'm using Chrome.)

    Likewise, this problem disappears when comments are accessed directly via Disqus' archive.
  15. judyt54

    judyt54 Active Member

    Basically I've just learned that Disqus is all over the map, as to what happens, and why. Sometimes I get directed to the wrong end of a discussion, if I click on 'reply' I end up at the beginning, or my reply is at the rock bottom and not where is should be...Somehow I suspect we are too vigorous at what we do, like too many eager dancing sailors in a very small ship...
  16. Latest post: 'A White Knight...', has Disqus saying comments are CLOSED at only 130?

  17. Clancy

    Clancy I'm never sarcastic.

    I just fixed it. I think it was only closed for 30-45 minutes, and I learned a little more about recognizing when it happens. But why? Ask the Disqus Gremlin.
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  18. judyt54

    judyt54 Active Member

    I noticed just about that time I posted a comment, went on to "read more" and was booted back to the beginning. No. Are we annoying the neighbors again?
  19. Clancy

    Clancy I'm never sarcastic.

    Depends on the neighbors.
  20. judyt54

    judyt54 Active Member

    We need to try harder, then. Maybe if we annoy them enough they'll go away

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