In case I forget - I'm on vacation the week of the 26th

Discussion in 'Site News and Updates' started by Captain Cassidy, Sep 9, 2017.


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  1. Captain Cassidy

    Captain Cassidy Yr Loyal &Etc. Corr. Staff Member

    I'll be gone the last week of the month, from Monday to Friday. I don't expect it to impact posting overmuch - there's a Tuesday and a Thursday, which I can get ready ahead of time, and I'll have wifi access where I'll be and my trusty tablet, which gets Patheos' blogging engine okay, so I can make sure those get published. I'll be back for the Saturday that week and we'll be back on track. I've got our trusty mods notified.

    The thing I'd appreciate is if y'all could please flag offensive or iffy posts in Disqus that week so our helper mods @Clint W. AAAtheist and Beth can get to them quickly without poring over 300-600 comments per post :) I know I'm not normally 100% prompt with checking Disqus' flagged posts, but they are.

    Mr. Captain has made a command decision and reserved a week for us in an honest to goodness honeymoon lodge to celebrate our wedding day, which was several years ago but we never really did anything for it. It's a gorgeous place and there will be pics :) The kitties will be house-sat. I'm having my hair touched up too.

    It's been so long since I had a vacation I forget who gets tied up. I trust I'll figure it out quickly once things get rollin'.
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  2. WereBear

    WereBear Cat Guru

    What a wonderful anniversary gift! Enjoy.
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  3. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    Have fun, Cap'n!
  4. Clint W.

    Clint W. Guardian of the Chocolates

    Have a great time, Cap'n! We'll do our best to not let the joint get out of control while you're gone!
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  5. Lady Alexandra

    Lady Alexandra Active Member

    Yay vacation! Have fun!!!
  6. Azel

    Azel Asian contigent, expat edition

    Have an happy belated honeymoon, and enjoy!
  7. Scott

    Scott Member

    Enjoy the vacation!
  8. piyaren

    piyaren New Member

  9. judyt54

    judyt54 Active Member

    Have fun (you've earned it) but not too much, and don't forget to come back.

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