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Discussion in 'Site News and Updates' started by Lambchopsuey, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Lambchopsuey

    Lambchopsuey Active Member

    Please post announcements of the latest movie watching project (title, date, time, recommended beverage) here so those of us who are willing to share the pain of *watching* the damn thing can know where and when and what sort of hooch we need to lay in for the duration.

    I understand that the latest project is "I Am Not Ashamed", about the Columbine school shooting - correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also, we should have at least one Bingo card at the ready - here is a nice selection to choose from:
  2. Azel

    Azel Asian contigent, expat edition

    Good idea a thread for them! Also, if you could post links to streaming/download sites to get our hands on the blasted things with the announcements, that would be appreciated.
  3. WereBear

    WereBear Cat Guru

    Looks like it is on Youtube.
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  4. Lambchopsuey

    Lambchopsuey Active Member

    But where? All I can find are clips or pay links.
  5. Critter

    Critter The Nameless One

    When's it going to be? I'm off work for a few days, I might actually make it to this one.
  6. WereBear

    WereBear Cat Guru

    Seems it has been moved to Youtube pay.

    I swear it happened overnight; I saw the movie start but had no time. Now, it's an ad.

    Didn't want to link because of different countries, etc, but will do so in future.
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  7. WereBear

    WereBear Cat Guru

    As a semi-antidote, I highly recommend the book, A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy by Sue Klebold, written by the mother of the severely depressed boy who killed people at Columbine. The other teen, and prime mover by the most credible accounts, was a psychopath.

    This turns out to be a rather common configuration in some horrible crimes: the young psychopath, not yet developed enough in the criminal calling to go it alone, finds a vulnerable peer and works on them like Fox News, until they are pushed/coaxed into partnering into the "solution" for their woes.
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  8. Captain Cassidy

    Captain Cassidy Yr Loyal &Etc. Corr. Staff Member

    I've got two more posts coming about the meaning of life--the series is planned to tie in directly with the movie in a couple of ways! So I'm guessing Saturday afternoon/evening will be the actual viewing. If I can't find a copy of it for free I might have to hunt on YT.

    Apparently if you start a trial account on PureFlix you can get it for free, but I'm of two minds about doing that.

    I think I found a free source: look up FFILMS.ORG and the title in a search engine. I only watched for a couple of minutes but it looks like it's really the whole thing.
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  9. Lambchopsuey

    Lambchopsuey Active Member

    Okay, I'll sheck that out tomorrow! Thanks!

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