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Discussion in 'Site News and Updates' started by Timperator of Mankind, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    Welcome to the RtD forums' repository of Frequently Asked Questions and lessons learned. We hope you have a pleasant stay aboard Citadel Station Roll to Disbelieve.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We've not been around long enough for that many questions to be asked.

    Ask questions below and see your answers show up here if lots of people go "hey, now that you mention it, I've got that question too!"

    Reacting To Posts

    You may have noticed that in the bottom right hand corner of every post a little string of icons appear, allowing you to react to the post: things such as "Like," "Dislike," "Agree," "Optimistic," and so forth. These are tied into the user reputation system, which rates users based on the reactions their posts get. Here's my (current as of 19 July) reputation; the bar at the bottom is actually a graph, so there's a sliver of neutral grey that's almost impossible to see:

    User reputation doesn't have any mechanical effect; no one is going to get autobanned if their reputation is 95% negative. Anyone who bothers looking at the profiles may start making judgments, though, so it's worth knowing what we're actually doing when we're reacting to posts. The reaction icons are your judgment of the content qua a reflection of the user, not qua the content itself. These may not map intuitively, so here's what each reaction does to someone's reputation, found scientifically by me kicking around @RtD Bot and seeing what happens.

    "Positive" reactions that improve user reputation:
    • Like
    • Dislike (therefore, you are showing sympathy towards the user while disliking the content)
    • Agree
    • Funny
    • Winner
    • Informative
    • Feels
    • Useful
    • Creative
    "Neutral" reactions that just add grey to the graph:
    • Disagree (therefore a bit harsher than "dislike")
    • Optimistic (so consider it as "that's a bit optimistic" rather than "I like your cheery attitude!")
    "Negative" reactions that damage user reputation:
    • Old
    • Bad Spelling
    • Dumb
    Again, negative and neutral reactions do not have a mechanical effect on users, but it can have an effect on social reputation. React wisely!​
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  2. WereBear

    WereBear Cat Guru

    I didn't know Optimistic was sarcastic!
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  3. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    That's why I made the list. Some of these choices are less than intuitive, but the can be renamed. Maybe "Optimistic" can become "that's... optimistic" or "Pollyannish," though that last may not translate well for our international crowd. "Naive" could work, though it may have too negative a valence.
  4. Captain Cassidy

    Captain Cassidy Yr Loyal &Etc. Corr. Staff Member

    I've been using it sincerely myself! Should we call it "maybe too optimistic"?
  5. WereBear

    WereBear Cat Guru

    Now I will think of it in Hemingway mode: "Wouldn't it be pretty to think so?"
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  6. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    Hmm. Given all the other flexibility of this board, I bet there's a table of values that an admin can modify. Rather than retool "Optimistic" to match the system, we could modify the system to reflect our actual usage of Optimistic: change its reputation variable from 0 to +1. That will correct all previous reactions to user intent.

    "Disagree" hasn't been used much, I think--people tend to just not react--but one can disagree with a post and not think less of a user, thus not damaging their reputation. In my perfect world "Disagree" would be +1 and "Dislike" a +0 or -1, since we've usually gone to "Feels" for sympathetic responses.
  7. I'd consider "Pollyannaish" similar to "boycott", "vandalism", or "masochist" - a word originally derived from a proper noun but existing in the language independently of its origin. So, I wouldn't care about the international fame or obscurity of the story, but the word itself is, in my estimate, somewhat obscure.
    I love that!
    Anyway, if a short name is needed, I'd like to suggest "rose-tinted", or perhaps just "I wish."
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  8. WereBear

    WereBear Cat Guru

    I love that! I think it expresses the sentiment much better than "optimism."
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  9. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    I'm supposed to come up with an icon set for the reaction buttons anyway, and apparently we can add more, so here's my thinking:
    1. Keep the current "Optimistic"--as it's already been used with positive intent--but modify its value to make it a positive reaction. This corrects the reactions already made to match user intent, which I think is a positive for our current relatively low-vote system.
    2. Add "I wish" as a neutral reaction to do what "Optimistic" does right now. Icon could be a pie surrounded by clouds.
    So, @dangitbobby, are these things within our power? Obviously not to be implemented yet; just offering ideas at the moment.
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  10. WereBear

    WereBear Cat Guru

    I like both of these very much.
  11. Melody

    Melody Active Member

    I love that. A pie in the clouds for wishful thinking, as in sarcastic I wish...
  12. Timperator of Mankind

    Timperator of Mankind Actual Reverend High Loreteller Staff Member

    Another too-early (0457) thought I just had: if I'm going to make new icons, I can remake old ones: add plus signs, zeroes, and minus signs in the corners as a hint as to what the reactions actually do.
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  13. Lambchopsuey

    Lambchopsuey Active Member

    TEH O NOES!! Disqus seems to have crashed - there aren't any comments for any of the regular RtD articles!!
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  14. Lambchopsuey

    Lambchopsuey Active Member

    I agree with the positive aspect of "Disagree" - that's part of having a discussion, after all. It should be a positive thing.
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  15. Clancy

    Clancy I'm never sarcastic.

    This is very odd. I have refreshed and opened new windows, and still no comments, but I can see in the Recent Comments area comments that are newer than my last successful refresh. I'm gonna try Firefox instead of my usual IE. EDIT: No luck with Firefox.
  16. Lambchopsuey

    Lambchopsuey Active Member

    The Disqus (and World Table) plug-ins for comments are not working over at RtD - it's been down all morning. Other Patheos forums have properly-functioning comment sections - I checked No Longer Quivering just to see. I don't know what the problem is.
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  17. Melody

    Melody Active Member

    LJF works fine too. It seems to be just RtD.

    When I checked my comment history, just now, all my old RtD comments were still there though. So it seems to be disabled but not all wiped out?
  18. Lawrence in PHX

    Lawrence in PHX New Member

    This is damn peculiar, to quote Admiral Kirk. Yellow alert? Seroiusly, I just want to hook up with my R2D peeps and it's gone. Game over, man. Game over!
  19. Lambchopsuey

    Lambchopsuey Active Member

    I know, right?? I'm in withdrawal!!
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  20. dangitbobby

    dangitbobby Administrator Staff Member

    ...I don't know why I'm not getting these notifications.

    Yes, this is all totally within our power. Sorry, I'm just not seeing these notifications - I'll dig into the options and see what is going on.
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