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Discussion in 'Site News and Updates' started by Captain Cassidy, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Captain Cassidy

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    Some chucklefucks hijacked the main domain server thing and redirected all traffic to ad pages for views. Bobby recovered the server but we didn't realize that MY nameserver for this forum panicked when it noticed what was happening and deleted ALL my nameserver data. I put that back in, and here we are, back and running.

    Your data and passwords and whatnot are completely safe. No data-containing accounts got compromised. This site was always "there," just not receiving traffic correctly. We're stored in a whole other place, and that place wasn't hacked. This was 100% just a redirection thing, and it affected only nameservers. This forum took a bit longer to get back up because we didn't realize at first that the nameserver data had been deleted elsewhere. Once I replaced that data, we were back up a few minutes later.

    (Though obviously, one wants to practice safe foruming with passwords.)
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  3. judyt54

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    That must be the scariest and most frustrating thing for a site owner, to discover that they are no longer there.
    I simply cannot fathom people who do such pointless things, just because they can.

    It's like spray painting statues in a park, or putting graffiti on someone's favorite car. Or cat.

    But we okay now, and I'm smiling. I knew I liked it here, but now I KNOW how much.
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  4. Captain Cassidy

    Captain Cassidy Yr Loyal &Etc. Corr. Staff Member

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