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    When we got this forum software, one thing I really wanted was a wiki setup so people could write about stuff they think should be preserved for posterity. And we got it! But organization ahead of time is really important to me--it's easier to take the time to set it up correctly than to faff about afterward resetting everything to reflect a new organization.

    So this is kinda the tree I'm thinking about for the wiki; the bolds are portal categories, and underneath are sample pages that might go under those main categories.

    * Pictures of important stuff (ie, not flavor pics) are sourced, named, and have their own page with a writeup of what they are and where they're from (and appropriate copyright notices are observed).
    * Obviously, citations are given where needed, when something is asserted.
    * Snark is fine as long as there's no strawmanning.
    * Each portal has its own entry page with its contents and main sections. I have no idea how to do a random entry link or a link of the day but if the software lends itself to such a thing, that'd be cool.


    Forum culture
    Slang terms
    Mascots (Pallas Cats, B&B)
    Cult devotion object: Artor

    Favorite Books
    Why the Great Pan Died
    In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
    Loftus' Why I am an Atheist

    Favorite Videos (w/sources, reviews)
    Evid3nc3: Why I'm No Longer a Christian
    Aron-Ra: Creationism
    Dover PBS documentary
    Your Inner Fish
    The Bible thing we're always talking about
    That Bible history archaeologist who is awesome x3

    History Links (all of the subheadings here are portals themselves)
    Ancient/Biblical History
    -- those quotes we keep running about how early Christians were assholes
    -- standing stones
    Roman/Classical History
    Medieval/Renaissance History
    Victorian-ish History
    Modern History

    Science Links
    Explanation of scientific method
    NCSE, Bad Astronomy, TalkOrigins archives

    Adverse Apologetica
    Debunks of miracle claims
    Debunks of popular apologetics arguments
    Writeups of Christian preachers and other leaders
    Psychology of Belief
    Credible studies about prayer, glossolalia, etc
    Stuff We Wish We'd Known

    And cross-reference as needed, since there's a lot of overlap between all these topics. Since I've probably written blog posts about these topics, cross-referencing to the blog posts would be good (I can add those myself; the in-game blog engine has a really nice search engine to locate posts on the fly--much better than using the terrible search engine on the blog!).

    Photos: kept to 550ish pixels wide OR tall; bigger need to be hosted offsite. Obviously, all copyright requirements need to be observed--in written text and in pictures. I've been blogging with pictures for years so if you guys want a quick rundown of how to figure out if a picture is able to be used, I'm glad to give one. Diagrams and other documents that really need the added detail are exempt from the size request. I'd also like Wikipedia or other online public-domain materials to be noted as such and sourced so nobody gets pissy at us for copying anyone.

    Speaking of which: I'm open to a Diagrams Portal.

    If anybody here is familiar with wiki organization, feel free to speak up. This is my first time doing one of these and I'm not going to claim to be perfect at it.
  2. Clancy

    Clancy I'm never sarcastic.

    I rarely actually lol, but the cult devotion object sure did. It just about kilt me.
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  3. WereBear

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    Artor, our golden... mythical creature!

    It looks good to me... we can link out to the wiki during discussions, which would be cool.
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  4. Azel

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    It looks fine for me...perhaps a section on common fallacies in Counter-Apologetics? And one on Altemeyer's The Authoritarians under Favorite Books?
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  5. Ubi Dubium

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    There's already RationalWiki, that does a lot of articles on fallacies, miracle claims, and such. I think, if they have a good article on something already, it would be better to just link to it, instead of duplicating our efforts.
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  6. Captain Cassidy

    Captain Cassidy Yr Loyal &Etc. Corr. Staff Member

    Exactly so. The goal is to expand on ideas that the blog and blog community come up with, not reinvent any wheels. Our general adoration of DIAGRAMS is pretty blog-specific as far as I know, so it would definitely be something new. And I don't know of many sources that talk about The Authoritarians or, well, Artor, like we do.
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