Brad Feaker's Awesome Disqus Thread

Aug 31, 2019
Brad Feaker's Awesome Disqus Thread
  • Brad Feaker's Epic Disqus Thread

    On August 17, Brad Feaker (a R2D regular) posted this question over on a Disqus discussion board devoted to religion:

    "Christians: What Would Make You Lose Your Religious Beliefs?" (partial archive)

    Come enjoy some of the most illustrative Christian popular apologetics to go around in recent memory. You'll find all of the usual Bingo card entries on that thread--and more than a few familiar names from Roll to Disbelieve lodged right in the asshole of belief and punching their way out.

    R2D comment bingo.JPG

    EDIT to include some screenshots.

    brad feaker initial question.JPG
    The initial question.

    My observation:
    brad feaker ITT Christians miss the point.JPG

    What every single Christian said in response:
    brad feaker a christian says NOPE NONE.JPG
    Brad tries again with someone, gets nowhere:
    brad feaker brad drills down on a nopenothing christian.JPG

    One guy went all itsuhreLAYshunshipnottariLIHjin and it went about as you'd expect:
    brad feaker it's a relationship nopenothing.JPG
    He got called out, but it didn't seem to matter:
    brad feaker owns a nopenothing christian letter to wife.JPG
    I'm not sure why this person thought it'd be fruitful to compare faith in Christianity's claims to a UFO nut believing they've been abducted, but here we are:
    brad feaker someone thought it'd be a great idea to compare to aliens.JPG
    Aaaand this guy, who thought for sure he'd constructed a test that nobody could possibly pass to disprove his faith (kinda getting it ass-backwards; he got increasingly frustrated that nobody was letting him get away with it):
    brad feaker evading burden of proof plus biblical illiteracy.JPG
    And one last I grabbed, a gal who demonstrates exactly why Christian salespeople prey upon those at their lowest points:
    brad feaker sunk cost fallacy at work.JPG
    So... Brad Feaker asked an honest question and not one single Christian actually answered it in good faith.
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