Cas' Japan Trip Part 2

Dec 27, 2018
Cas' Japan Trip Part 2
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    arcade_shrine_NEW 600.jpg
    A small shrine in the Arcade. The white things are slips of paper with prayers on them, tied to the bare tree branches. The girl on the left is writing a prayer for the tree. I'd never seen an animal backpack before but I loved it.

    cakes_7b_NEW 600.jpg
    A cake making machine at one of the department stores. The cakes sold for unbelievably high prices.

    meat_8a_NEW 600.jpg
    One of the floors of another department store sold meat--all kinds. It was absolute chaos; everybody seemed to know where to go and what to do except me.

    restaurant_2a_NEW 600.jpg
    We ate at this restaurant our first day in Japan. I was the tallest (and widest, darn it) woman in the vicinity in every single photo taken of me there. The food in the window is samples of what the restaurant made. It took a while for me to catch on to the fact that it was plastic. There's a whole store in Tokyo that does nothing but sell plastic food for restaurants to put in their windows, I heard.

    poletown_4a_NEW 600.jpg
    Pole Town, an underground shopping mall that ran directly underneath or over (I forget) the subway line. It was fun to just wander around there. It wasn't the only such mall, either.

    pachinko_8b_NEW 600.jpg
    A Pachinko parlor. These had bizarre names like Olive.

    church_7a_NEW 600.jpg
    Somehow Biff found a Pentecostal church in Sapporo. They invited us to lunch afterward, which was quite good. This was my first brush with Japanese curry.

    suskino_station_NEW 600.jpg
    A street scene near Susukino Station. It was so beautiful. The snowflakes were huge. sushi_20_NEW 600.jpg
    The sushi place right under that apartment building. It was very good. The running board along the glass case held little clumps of pickled ginger, which is the pink things. (That's probably not a necessary explanation these days, but back then I had to explain this on the back of this picture.)

    To be continued...
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