Cas' Japan Trip

Dec 27, 2018
Cas' Japan Trip
  • A lifetime ago, my Evil Ex Biff and I headed for Japan. He had this nutty idea that we'd strike it rich there as English teachers, and branch from there into missionary work and evangelize the whole country. "Jesus," you see, had told him to do this. So we went. It was fun but hugely stressful, and because we went right at the beginning of a major recession, we failed spectacularly. At least I got some good stories out of it.

    Find the first of the posts about that trip here: "Exiting Far East: Stage-Setting."

    snowmobile_24_NEW 600.jpg
    Before the flight out we spent some time with a relative in Montana. That's me on the snowmobile and Biff behind me. He was really not sure about any of this.

    apartment_21_NEW 600.jpg
    My humble little home, briefly. My apartment was around the side. ALL the windows were bay windows, and no screens. Somehow the cats made do.

    gas_station_19_NEW 600.jpg
    Nearby gas station. The orange vested people were the staff. Young women in these vests would run out and redirect and stop traffic in the right lane of the road so the drivers could get in and out of the gas station safely. It was full service, of course.

    street_2b_NEW 600.jpg
    More street scenes.

    supermarket1_5a_NEW 600.jpg
    One of the main grocery stores I frequented.

    butcher_4b_NEW 600.jpg
    A butcher. Dude loved his job.

    beer_6b_NEW 600.jpg
    I couldn't get past the types of stuff I saw being sold in vending machines--like beer, here.

    MJFox_beer_18_NEW 600.jpg
    ... or the American/Canadian movie stars I saw hawking this stuff--like Michael J Fox, here.

    clocktower_10b_NEW 600.jpg
    This is the Sapporo Clock Tower. It was built by an American.

    arcade_3b_NEW 600.jpg
    A covered street called the Arcade. It went on for blocks and blocks, with shops along each side. YES was "Your Electronic Space," a huge department store, but it was mostly selling furniture.

    See next post for more :)
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