Glandu's Genuine French Mayonnaise Recipe

Sep 11, 2018
Glandu's Genuine French Mayonnaise Recipe
  • Our resident Mayonnaise Whisperer shares his recipe for homemade mayonnaise!

    take a bowl.

    add salt, pepper, mustard(amount to your liking, a flat teas spoon will be enough in most cases), and the seasoning of your choice(lemon juice in my case, for fish, or various herbs for meat).

    add the yolk of an egg(or two, or three, depending on your needs, but with one, you already make a nice quantity. It needs to be a party to need more than one). Do what you want with the white, you can even throw it, as long as it's not in the bowl.

    now it's time to choose a tool for mixing. An electric whip is the safest choice. I'm using a manual whip because I'm a warrior. My father does it with a simple spoon because he's a god. Mix What you have

    now it's time to choose your oil. I like sunflower oil for its rather soft taste. Some here in the south of France are hardcore and go olive oil - which gives a very strong taste, and is not for everyone.

    add a sip of oil. A very small one, in the beginning. A very small one. Mix hard, very hard, until the mix seems flawless in surface. The first one will be long. Do it again, with a slightly bigger sip, and mix slightly less time. Rinse and repeat with always more oil and less time between sips, the change must be progressive. At the end of the bowl, you'll pour oil nearly continuously, and mayonnaise will look fine. Stop when the amount is what you need.

    the most important part now : enjoy.


    Cas adds: If you're worried about consuming raw egg yolks, you can buy pasteurized ones in most larger cities/stores, but you can also make them with a sous vide setup. I've done it, and it works well. I've made this recipe and can vouch for it.
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