Overviews of the Anti-Abortion Culture War (00)

Jan 7, 2018
Overviews of the Anti-Abortion Culture War (00)
  • Posts talking about the anti-abortion culture war that Christians have been waging for decades, gathered together for convenience.

    How I Became the Only Pro-Choice Pentecostal I Knew. (5/29/13)
    The post that kicked it all off: I get my hands on my then-husband's volunteer manual from the Crisis Pregnancy Center he volunteered for. Here's how it sparked the end of my time as a forced-birther and as a Christian--and how it prompted my dedication to women's rights. This is one of the posts that I'd consider a must-read for the blog.

    My Consent (Doesn't Really Matter). (6/8/13)
    How the right to bodily ownership and autonomy is stripped from people in Christianity, in order to further their various culture wars.

    Redefining Words: Convenience. (8/4/13)
    How Christians redefine common words on the fly to allow them to push forward their culture wars against women. Also, an examination of what gaslighting is.

    When Your Position Depends Upon Lying. (11/23/13)
    Nothing true, nothing good, nothing real needs to depend upon lies and dishonesty to sell itself. No exceptions.

    Soothing Cognitive Dissonance (With Lies). (11/24/13)
    How anti-abortion culture warriors handle the obvious contradictions in their very own culture war.

    Taking It Back. (12/3/13)
    How the Christian Patriarchy movement informs fundagelicalism's endemic racism and sexism problem.

    Billy Did It Too (Is Not An Adequate Reason to Misbehave). (1/28/14)
    The very Christian desire to retaliate and get revenge on their tribal enemies fuels their culture wars.

    Scary, Scary Words. (1/30/14)
    We look at words that scare extremist Christians, like independence and woman.

    Disproportionate Threats (Are So Very Christian). (2/1/14)
    An examination--and mockery!--of the various wildly-disproportionate threats that fundagelicals use to cow and terrorize women into staying in line with their demands.

    What Pearl Clutching Doesn't "Just" Do. (2/5/14)
    Why forced-birther culture warriors don't seem to have much success at all moving Americans' opinions.

    Taking Religion Out of the Ex-Christian. (3/15/14)
    Why so many ex-Christians and non-Christians seem to keep maintaining their indoctrination points long after leaving the religion that put them there. Includes lots of links demolishing supposedly-secular talking points against abortion rights.

    Persecution Complexity. (10/6/14)
    How fundagelicals cry PERSECUTION!!! More importantly, how they use false persecution claims to further their culture wars.

    And I Still Belong to Me. (11/30/14)
    A friend's blog post included one line about abortion rights, and sparked a deluge of comments pushing back against self-ownership. That was the one line that people wanted to talk about out of the whole post! I was aghast.

    A Particularly Ugly Episode in the Christian Culture Wars. (1/25/15)
    I look at a video some fundagelical men put out about how very, very saaaaaaaaaad they are about having allowed their female partners to obtain abortion care. "Abortion regret" demolished. And check out the Preacher Eyebrows dialed up to 11 on this one.

    Building a Worldview Around Consent. (2/4/15)
    Why consent should form the center of our moral and ethical universes.

    The PP Shootings: How the System is Designed. (12/1/15)
    An unthinkable act of domestic terrorism comes to us courtesy of the Religious Right's War on Women. I examine why this kind of violence is a feature, not a bug, of that war.

    The Silence in the Pews: Pro-Choice Evangelicals. (12/28/15)
    A very popular post from 2015. I examine the curious case of evangelicals who support abortion rights--and what their leaders are trying to do about this dangerous dissent.

    Republicans are Becoming Team Rape Again This Season. (2/9/16)
    As we head into a midterm election, weird old white dude Republican politicians CANNOT. STOP. SAYING. stupid things about abortion and women's bodily rights. Here is why.

    Yes, That Video about "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" Is Totally True. Here's How I Know. (5/10/16)
    We look at a video put out by Samantha Bee and Patton Oswalt about the dishonesty and sheer deception committed constantly by fake abortion clinics, and I can personally vouch for its accuracy.

    Election 2016: The Cult of Ideological Purity, Backfiring. (10/13/16)
    Abortion rights are becoming a cattle prod that fundagelical-pandering Republican politicians are using to try to force Christians to vote for them.

    Agent Milo and the Case of the Useful Idiot. (2/24/17)
    What a "useful idiot" is, and why atheist forced-birthers fit that bill perfectly.

    Big Damn Heroes: Ain't They Just. (9/7/17)
    Christians arrange their culture wars along predictable lines. Here's how their current focus on sex trafficking fits into their ongoing culture war against abortion rights.
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