Purity Culture Sucks

Oct 6, 2017
Purity Culture Sucks
  • Here's a catch-all page for resources devoted to debunking purity culture--that trend within Christianity to oppress women for their own good by convincing them that sex is the dirtiest thing their god ever created, so it really should only be shared with the person you love--assuming that person is married to you and of a different gender than you.

    Useful Links:
    Give Me Sex Jesus - a documentary on purity culture.
    Love Joy Feminism on Patheos has some very good articles on purity culture.

    Relevant Roll to Disbelieve Blog Posts:
    How the Purity Myth Destroys Lives. Long fisk of a supposed letter written by a youngish woman to her porn-loving father.
    The Daughters of Men. A sexist fundagelical pastor gloats about how he's raising daughters who are completely incapable of supporting themselves or a family.
    The Daughters of Women. A sexist fundagelical mommy-blogger publicly shames particular young women she thinks are tempting her teen sons.
    Exiting Far East: On Being Immodest. Yr Loyal &etc. Captain skinny-dips at a Japanese hot spring and reflects on an upbringing and indoctrination full of body shame.
    Modest is Nottest. I take on the notion of "modesty" in fundagelicalism, showing where it comes from and what it actually accomplishes--and (hopefully) I tear it apart.
    The Curious Case of the Undesirable Virgin. Christian purity culture only has room in it for desirable virgins, the young, pretty, in-demand young women. Christian women who don't fit that set of criteria find themselves in uncharted--and altogether unpleasant--territory.
    Taylor Swift's Bubble. I look at a song and video of hers, "You Belong to Me," and get alarmed by the message it sends to young women.
    Anna Duggar and the Impossible Decision: Why They Stay. Josh Duggar's wife's story illustrates exactly what damage the purity myth does to fundagelical women in the real world.
    Joshua Harris Wants to Know If Anyone Was Hurt By His Book. Joshua Harris, the author of the execrable I Kissed Dating Goodbye and a couple of other similar pieces of trash, asks a really silly question that shouldn't be anywhere close to this difficult for him to find answers to.
    T'Is the Season: Virgin Births. Virgin births don't just happen in mythology. They crop up often--in Christian communities really big on the purity myth. Here's why.
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