The Law of Conservation of Worship

Aug 31, 2017
The Law of Conservation of Worship
  • As per the glorious Clint, first detailed on another blog:

    There is no Law of Conservation of Worship, in which there is a certain amount of worship that is neither created nor destroyed, but just shifts from one thing to the other.​

    The Law dictates that as far as Christians are concerned, atheists do all the same stuff that they do, just focused on something else. Instead of going to church, they go to atheist or science rallies. Instead of thinking of the Bible as their holy book, atheists think of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species as their holy book. Instead of believing in a magical creation of the universe by the Christian god, atheists believe in evolutionism, a meaningless term that Christians use for the vast body of people who accept the scientific consensus regarding a host of Christianity-destroying facts because calling themselves "science deniers" would be kind of embarrassing.

    This law came into being because one of the ideas in the worst branches of Christianity is that "everybody believes in and worships something." So even though atheists insist up and down that they do not, they're simply wrong and the Christian triumphantly concludes that why yes, they totally do. They just don't realize that they do. And the atheist's agreement to this idea is not necessary in the least.

    It's almost better if they don't agree.

    The Main Problems With This Idea.

    First, simple lived reality refutes the idea. It's presumptuous and arrogant to impose upon another person notions that they don't agree with or see happening.

    Second, if Christians are trying to make their religion sound better by trying to make the case that everybody does stupid things for no really good reason just like Christians do so you might as well slide on over to Christianity, that is a tactic that is bound to fail hilariously.

    This isn't the only place where Christians attempt to tell atheists that really they're just like Christians but don't realize it. Christians did the exact same thing when they tried to make the case that Josh Duggar's molestation of his sisters isn't that bad because aw c'mon guys ain't we all been there? Of course, a deluge of UM NO WE HAVE NOT, WHAT KIND OF MONSTERS ARE YOU followed quickly, and more than a few non-Christians are still trying to figure out what the ultimate goal there was (other than trying to silence the many non-Christians speaking against Josh Duggar and his parents).

    Detailed extensively in this Roll to Disbelieve post:

    Christians and the Law of Conservation of Worship.
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