The San Diego Diocese Isn't Broke After All (2007)

Apr 21, 2018
The San Diego Diocese Isn't Broke After All (2007)
  • Silence is An Abuser's Best Friend.

    In 2007, the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego was caught playing an integral part in the child-rape scandals. They reached a settlement with their 144 victims: USD$198 million.

    Now, that'd be a chunk of change for anybody to pay. But what followed next demonstrates very clearly that no gods of justice or love are inhabiting the leaders of this group.

    Simply put, they lied to their parishioners about their financial situation to beg them to donate extra to the diocese so it could pay its settlement. They pretended they just couldn't afford that bill. They even tried to declare bankruptcy.

    The problem with a bankruptcy, though, is that it required them to file all kinds of statements and disclosures to the court in evaluating their request. At the time they'd also asked that she did choose to dismiss their request for a bankruptcy, to do so without comments.

    The judge presiding over the bankruptcy case, Louise DeCarl Adler, saw their filed paperwork. She was just going to dismiss the request without any comments. She knew that they had a whole bunch of properties they could sell off to meet their earlier court-ordered obligation--indeed, this diocese holds all kinds of property aside from their churches and schools. They also own asserted parking lots, stores, vacant lots, and houses and other such things. Their bishop alone holds title to over 400 properties in the area! Over half of them aren't actually related to their churches. Their combined market value at the time was reckoned at between USD$400M and USD$1Bn.

    In making this appeal to their members, it's clear that they just didn't wanna take any tangible hits themselves.

    Instead they wanted to keep their hooked talons on everything they owned and just raise donations from their own members to pay the settlement needed because their priests had raped and assaulted those members' children.

    The judge found out about this tactic because the diocese printed up a whole big packet asking for that money and mailed it to all the Catholics they had on their membership rolls in that area.

    And she was one of the names on their list, so she got one of the packets!

    Remember, she knew more than any other person in the world outside of the diocese officials themselves what their financial situation was. She had their filed disclosures!

    She noticed right away that the packet's financial statements to parishioners was "less than candid."

    So instead of letting them off the hook by just dismissing their bankruptcy case without comment, as they had asked her to do, she damned well made a comment. She rebuked them sternly for being "disingenuous," adding that "Chapter 11 [bankruptcy] is not supposed to be a vehicle, a method, to hammer down the claims of those abused."

    Afterward, several of the victims involved thanked her for what she'd said and done, and she was "moved to tears" by their gratitude.

    For centuries, the Catholic child-rape scandal was hushed up and kept quiet. Now they can't count on the courts and legal systems to let them operate in the darkness like they prefer--and they clearly do not like this new normal at all.

    This is the face of Christianity. Christians clearly do not have any supernatural beings inhabiting them or instilling in them great morality and compassion. "Jesus" sure didn't stop anybody in that diocese from abusing children! They're just people like anybody else, and that's why it is very important that we make sure they must follow the same rules as anybody else.

    And I say this because any fundagelicals who are snootily saying to themselves right now that Catholicism just isn't TRUE CHRISTIANITY™ so obviously there'll be scandals there, it's more than clear to a number of people (like Boz Tchividjian) that there's an equally huge mega-scandal looming in that end of the religion involving sexual assault of women and children. I'd 100% agree.

    (Archived Source.)
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