The Top Secret Operating Documents of EVANGTF-1

Aug 26, 2018
The Top Secret Operating Documents of EVANGTF-1
  • Timperator brings us this sublime work of beauty, this joy forever, this response to my mocking post about the SBC's Evangelism Task Force:



    1a. The memetic battlespace of the worldwide public is becoming increasingly hostile to our operational aims.

    1b. Secularization makes effective maneuver difficult even as memory of recent scandals makes maneuver increasingly important.

    1c. New religious movements (NRM) with less rigid doctrines and full secularization appear to meet public emotional needs with greater regularity and lower cost than our own, and both have been successfully expanding their acceptability within worldwide society. They generally have strong support among the new communications methods that are becoming dominant forces in our culture and have momentum; with no overarching hierarchy, they are better-insulated from the effect of scandals than we are. Arguably all they have to do is highlight our missteps and await defections among the demoralized margins of our forces.

    1d. HQSBC requires the fulfillment of the Great Commission and the concomitant acquisition of resources to further strategic ends. HQSBC and established centers of SBCONUSCOM will continue their "up-market" push but note that this is primarily a reactionary tactic with limited likelihood of expansion or strategic sufficiency. HQSBC and SBCONUSCOM should not be considered free to support operations and there is non-negligible risks that their actions will actually negatively effect the tactical situation based on alignment with unpopular forces.

    1e. Evangelism Task Force One (EVANGTF-1) is formed by available assets to be determined.

    2. MISSION: EVANGTF-1 is to improve standard health metrics (baptisms and especially donations) in the CONUS especially and ROW additionally immediately in order to acquire the memetic, physical, and financial resources necessary to support further strategic operations.


    3a. The intent of REPUBLICAN JESUS is to, simply, both increase the direct mindshare of the SBC and make as much additional mindspace more amenable to SBC strategic aims. The sociopolitical sphere is to be molded through direct control and alliances to further the SBC's strategic aims and the geoeconomic sphere is to be exploited and made more open to greater exploitation. The strategic importance of this last cannot be understated.

    3b. CONOPS is to be determined IAW FM-1(KJV). No explicit deviation from FM-1(KJV) is authorized. All specific CONOPS are to be justified with direct reference to FM-1(KJV). This is SOP and repeated solely for clarity. The importance of EVANGTF-1 is not to be construed as authorization to deviate from, or the relaxation of, FM-1(KJV).

    3c-h. EVANGTF-1's tactical instructions are fully contained within the SOP. Deviation from the SOP is permissible only with direct written approval from HQSBC.

    4. SUSTAINMENT: EVANGTF-1 will be supplied as needed from HQSBC via regular quartermaster channels and resupply per SOP. However, EVANGTF-1 is encouraged to take on an attitude of in-situ supply whenever and to whatever degree as possible. EVANGTF-1 will be staffed, initially, by HQSBC. Replacement depot support, however, should be considered tenuous at best. EVANGTF-1 is expected to recruit, train, and retain in-situ to its utmost ability. EVANGTF-1's medical requirements are fully fulfilled by SOP.


    5a. Command obviously rests with YHVH as directly administered by HQSBC. HQSBC is the sole source for EVANGTF-1 command authority. EVANGTF-1 tactical command will rest in COEVANGTF-1 and will be succeeded by those explicitly authorized either by COEVANGTF-1 or HQSBC, with latter taking exclusionary priority.

    5b. Control is to be managed via SOP and FM-1(KJV). Deviation from either is not authorized.

    5c. Signal is per SOP. As EVANGTF-1 is a public-facing unit secure codes do not need to be specified. However, as per SOP, all internal communications must remain at at least U//FOUO or C levels with standard information controls and secure communication methods.

    The lash worked pretty well for the Royal Navy.

    50 shades of white.png

    Let me provide a brief rundown of some of them.

    1e, ADDENDUM:

    PS-08 L. PAIGE PATTERSON, originally intended as flag of EVANGTF-1, was relegated to the reserve list and thus cannot be considered reliably available for EVANGTF-1 operations. The flag is transferred to PSBC-62 JAMES D. GREEAR by HQSBC until further notice.

    PSBC-53 JAMES MERRITT was damaged by enemy action. Available for further operations at reduced mission capability. (N8 NOTE: geofinancial capabilty of PSBC-53 must be considered compromised until further notice.)

    PSGS-58 JEFF P. IORG is attached and fully capable of EVANGTF-1 mission operations. (N2 note: possibly compromised by NRM memetics, could constitute a mission risk. Increased surveillance and coordination with N7 for doctrine re-training highly recommended.)

    These must have been the most productive meetings in the history of mankind. Praise be!

    Well, duh. Why waste time on that when they just have to talk at the ceiling ask the Mad Blood God Almighty through the Nepotistic Freeloader Son Jesus in their heart and imagine receive the answer through self-serving rationalization their superior powers of discernment?

    A.k.a. when you don't have very much to work with and have to meet the minimum word limit.






    (But, seriously, the critical comms above were never sent. The involvement of PSBC-62 ensures that any such communiques would've been career-limiting.)

    After-action report: EVANGTF-1 failed to succesfully flow down Paragraph 4 of REPUBLICAN JESUS to the commands it was supporting, creating a perception of a gap in the logistics strategy rather than an intentional reliance on in-situ sustainment.

    Zampolits will be assigned to ensure the Party message is being effectively communicated.

    friendly commissar.jpg

    Per Paragraph 3c-h of REPUBLICAN JESUS, deviation from SOP was not authorized.


    I thought it deserved to be enshrined forever, so here it is. :)
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