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‘Before You Lose Your Faith’ demands we cherry pick only TRUE CHRISTIANS™ and ignore Bad Christians™

When I first started reading Before You Lose Your Faith, that hard-right evangelical exhortation to doubting sheep, I didn’t quite realize it was going to run the full gauntlet of failed arguments. But here we are at Chapter 9, which now tries to strawman Bad Christians™ and get doubters to look only at TRUE CHRISTIANS™ when evaluating their religion’s validity as a moral framework.

What a skeptic is—and isn’t

Countless Herman Cain Award winners who died for a(n anti-vaxxer) lie. A YouTuber who leapt to the only logical explanation for a spooky clip: a ‘paranormal entity.’ And countless Christians giving their testimonies about converting to their religion through the usual logical fallacy-riddled bad arguments and emotional manipulation. They all have one thing in common: they all proclaim to be skeptics. They definitely want their audiences to think so, too. But they aren’t. In reality, they don’t even know what a skeptic is, nor how to think like one.